About Us

Global Birding Initiative is an online birding hub with 5 key goals:

  • To share our passion for birding
  • To inspire others to take up birding as a hobby
  • To provide an online resource for bird identification
  • To help people learn more about birds and their biology
  • To promote the conservation of birds and their habitats

We believe that birds are powerful symbols of the beauty and fragility of our natural environment, and that by promoting an interest in birding, we can help to inspire more people to actively participate in the protection of nature.

We also believe that by sharing our passion for birding, we can help to create a growing community of like minded individuals who are willing to work together to help secure the future of our natural heritage. 

Richard Keller, Director

Richard Keller

Richard is an experienced birder with a lifelong passion for ornithology. His professional background is in web design, but since 2017 he has turned birding into his main profession by working as a wildlife guide, and hosting guided birding tours in several parts of the world. 

By combining his experience in website development with his passion for birdwatching, Richard has now created this online birding hub, which is intended as a platform to help people learn more about birds, and to come together and share their passion for birding and nature. 

Richard is joined by a growing team of birding enthusiasts, who are working hard to make this online resource useful for birders everywhere.