Bird With Crazy Hair

Bird With Crazy Hair

There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world, all of which differ in one way or another.

Whether it be their features, shape, what they feed on, or simply their color, birds from every continent look extremely different. 

Bird With Crazy Hair

It’s probably fair to say that birds are also naturally stylish. Almost every species of bird has incredibly beautiful feathers that feature unique colors, shapes, and textures.

Together, these features give birds some pretty crazy hairstyles. So much so, we want to show you the very best.

In this post, you’ll find a list of birds that have the craziest hair. Whether you want your daily dose of cuteness or even want some hair styling inspiration, we have something interesting for you.

We’ll look at the weird, the wonderful, and the outright outrageous hairstyles that birds glamorously pull off and what makes them so special.

Let’s dive straight in shall we!

1. Crested Partridge

 Crested Partridge

We kick our list off with the Crested Partridge. A tropical ground bird found in damp rainforests across Southeast Asia, this adorable overly round, small-sized bird is actually on the “near threatened” list. 

In terms of hairstyles, only the males have the crazy hairdo that makes the species so stylish. Black, green, and red in color, male Crested Partridges pull off a vibrant fluffy red pouf.

This pouf stands tall on the bird’s head, making the bird look like it’s fresh out of the salon.

2. Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock

Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock

In all honesty, this bird looks pretty crazy in general, not just because of its hair. With a quite bizarre appearance, this incredibly vibrant bird is half orange and half black.

Unsurprisingly found in the Andean cloud forests, this quite stylish bird uses its bright orange, fluffy hairdo to impress females during the mating season. 

The male dances in front of the female, shaking its orange bobble of hair in an attempt to impress.

Also the national bird of Peru, the male Andean Cock-of-The-Rock bird makes a swift exit when the chicks are finally born.

3. Golden Pheasant

 Golden Pheasant

Also known as the Chinese or Rainbow Pheasant, this stunning bird rocks a fascinating, bright yellow mohawk.

What’s so impressive and crazy about the bird’s mohawk is how it looks so smart. The mohawk looks absolutely perfect as if it has just been neatly cut by a stylist. 

A small to medium-sized bird, the Golden Pheasant is originally native to China, but it can now also be found across South America, North America, Europe, and Australia.

You’re most likely to spot a Golden Pheasant in a zoo as they usually live in dense forests where they are hard to find. 

4. Polish Chicken

Polish Chicken

The next bird on our list is a domestic breed of chicken found in Poland and the Netherlands.

The Polish Chicken may be known for laying delicious eggs, but it is actually its hairstyle that makes it iconic. 

Featuring a white and black plumage and tail, this bird has a wildly unique dome-shaped crest.

Easily the bird’s most distinguishing feature, there are a lot of people who like to breed the Polish Chicken as a show bird.

While their hair looks quite cool, to us, it looks like a typical case of bedhead.

5. Eurasian Hoopoe

Eurasian Hoopoe

If you’ve come here looking for the bird with the craziest hairstyle, you might just have found it in the Eurasian Hoopoe.

This bird has a long, pointed vibrant orange mohawk with deep black pointed tips. 

Found in open grasslands across Asia, North Africa, and Europe, this bird’s mohawk can be almost half the size of its body.

Emitting a unique whooping call, the rest of the bird’s body is a lovely mixture of black, white, and orangey-brown.

6. Himalayan Monal 

Himalayan Monal

The Himalayan Monal has a crazy ponytail hairstyle that sits towards the back of its head. Complementing the bird’s multicolored body perfectly, many would say this bird is one of the most stylish around. 

Featuring rainbow feathers and a blue eye patch, you’re most likely to hear the Himalayan Monal before you see it. Its loud calls can be heard from a great distance. 

This strikingly beautiful bird may well be our favorite.

7. Nicobar Pigeon

Nicobar Pigeon

We wouldn’t usually say a pigeon looks beautiful, but the Nicobar Pigeon is an exception.

This glamorous, multi-colored pigeon has long silvery locks that form a mane like that found on the lion.

Not much like the more common city pigeon, the Nicobar is interestingly the closest relative of the famous Dodo Bird. 

Capable of flying great distances, the Nicobar pigeon can be found in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as a few other Southeast Asian countries.

8. Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

The Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo has a crazy hairdo that can grow up to five inches long.

A very expressive hairstyle, this Australian breed of parrot rocks a bright yellow, tubular hairdo that looks almost plant-like. 

Despite having an incredibly unique hairdo and bright white body, this large species of parrot is better known for its loud screeching call.

A very social breed of bird, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo has lived for up to 80 years in captivity in the past.

Their ability to look out and alert other parrots to potential dangers helps them live a much longer life.

9. Philippine Eagle 

Philippine Eagle 

Next, we have the Philippine Eagle. A critically endangered species of bird, there are actually less than 500 left in the World.

Despite being an eagle, this bird of prey has a griffin-like splayed crest.

This quite intimidating hairdo suits the Philippine Eagle well as it is a fierce hunter that has a solid reputation for hunting bats, snakes, lizards, and other birds.

Brown, white, and black in color, this dominant bird also weighs a hefty 18 lbs.

10. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

We bet you didn’t expect to see another pigeon on this list, but we simply couldn’t end the list without mentioning this absolutely stunning bird.

A striking purple-blue color, the Victoria pigeon is named after Queen Victoria, and let’s face it, they would only name a good-looking bird after a Queen.

Usually reaching 30 inches long, this bird rocks a gorgeous blue-feathered crest that looks similar to a peacock’s tail.

Their plumage is also pretty special thanks to its rich blue and gray color. Unfortunately, this is another species of bird that is near threatened. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 birds from all over the world with the craziest hairstyles. How many of the birds from our list did you already know about? 

As you can see from our list, birds vary massively not just in color, shape, and size, but also in the hairstyles they rock.

Hopefully, you now know a lot more about the world of birds and their crazy hairstyles.

If you’ve caught the bug, why not check out some of our other posts where we look at other types of birds with unique appearances. You won’t be disappointed!